Our fleet management solution consists of a mix of features for managing the following aspects:

  • Road safety
  • Monitoring of activities
  • Management and evaluation of drivers
  • Delivery management
  • Mileage tracking
  • Tour planning
  • Defensive driving (management of speeds, acceleration and abrupt deceleration, braking…)
  • Management of drivers
  • Management of activity areas and corridors
  • Draining planning and reminder notification
  • Improve the efficiency and performance of drivers
  • Reduce accidents and related damages
  • Find the best routes to ensure prompt delivery
  • Optimize vehicle maintenance and reduce breakdowns
  • Eliminate unauthorized use of vehicles and working in the dark
  • Back-up the usage history of vehicles
  • Manage risk and reduce insurance costs
  • Improve the productivity of workers by integrating management information defined at the head office