Onboard Camera


In view of supporting transporters in their constant quest for zero accidents, CAMTRACK has developed an onboarded video surveillance system to better control the behaviour of drivers and ease the drafting of tree structures on the causes of accidents/incidents through possible visual analyses (accident reconstruction video). With this solution, in case of accident, thanks to OBC, it is possible to reconstruct this specific event based on the intrinsic vehicle parameters (speed, acceleration, braking, motor revolution, etc.

Our onboarded camera solution enables you, in addition to accidents reconstruction to do the following:

  • Localisation by GPS (Google maps, …)
  • Recording and notification of events (speedent, accident, …) in real time.
  • Connection to a panic button (optional)
  • Coverage zone: 170° front view ; 170° cabin interior view.
  • Recording and transmission of images in real-time (Streaming)
  • Audio recording and synchronization of images (optional)
  • Flexibility of the monitoring platform: possible visualization of several vehicles on several channels
  • Delayed video (possible visualization of past records)
  • Direct SD card storage: FIFO recording (first in first out) over a minimum period of  07 days
  • Emergency storage : server backup (30 days)
  • 3G & 4G data transmission
  • Remote system update and  maintenance
  • Hardware and imaging of international standards
  • Sabotage detection (suspicious disconnection of equipment)
  • Infra-red cameras (visible recording  in the dark)